Night Out on Brunswick Street

If you are looking for a great night out with an informal and alternative atmosphere then you need to head to Brunswick Street, Fitzroy.

On any given night you will Brunswick Street comes alive with bars, pubs, live music, a Retro Kitchen, dance music and chilled lounges.

Most of the action happens between Johnston Street and Alexandra Parade, however Johnston Street intersecting Brunswick Street is also home to many favorite venues.

Thursday through to Saturday nights are the busiest on Brunswick Street, however most places are open every night of the week.

Brunswick Street is unique with it’s eclectic mix of bars, live music, dance music and lounges. Some you will find on street level, others you will find on first floors so be sure to look out for narrow doorways which lead up stairs.

After your night out you will find a number of places offering hot food, souvlakis and pizza. Just the thing after a few drinks and a good night with your friends.

As you wind up your evening, please be mindful for the peace and quiet of the residents of the area as you make your way home.

Brunswick Street precinct is accessible by tram from the city or northern suburbs.