Vapiano Melbourne

If you’re looking for somewhere quick and easy to get a meal in Melbourne then you can’t go past Vapiano Melbourne.

Vapiano is an Italian restaurant where they make their own pasta, and cook your meal in front of you. There is a wide selection of pasta dishes available and if you’re in the mood for pizza and you will not be disappointed.

Vapiano is also fully licensed so you can grab a drink to have with your meal.

The way Vapiano works is this, you enter from Flinders Lane where you will be greeted by a friendly staff member at the front counter. You’re given a smart card which you use every time you want to purchase something. The smart card records all of your purchases.

After getting your smart card you walk up the stairs into a large dining area where there are benches tables and even a lounge.


You can browse the menu and grab a drink from the bar while you make your choice. Once you’ve decided what you want you either go to the pizza or the pasta bar and tell the friendly staff what you’d like to eat. Then right in front of you they will prepare your meal. Typically a pasta dish is ready in just a few minutes, pizza takes a little longer but it is also very quick.

Many of the old favourite pasta dishes are available and Vapiano also has a wide selection of their own in-house specialties.

The food at Vapiano is quite nice, the pasta is fresh and the ingredients are all very tasty. You can even watch the Pasta being made fresh in the pasta room. If you haven’t seen pasta being made then this is your chance.

The overall atmosphere is perfect. You’ll find table lamps at the benches which add a nice feel to the ambience of the restaurant.

After you finished your meal and you are ready to leave you simply go back downstairs with your smart card and your bill is totalled up and you pay them leave.

Since going to Vapiano Melbourne for the first time we are well and truly hooked. Give it a try.

Italian Food on Lygon Street

Lygon Street in Carlton is a precinct dominated by Italian Cafes and Restaurants. Lygon Street is one of the most popular dinner destinations in Melbourne.

Lygon Street is home to dozens of Italian Cafes and Restaurants and you are sure to find somewhere that suits your taste and budget. Along the busiest parts of Lygon Street tables dominate the footpath as patrons of restaurants enjoy the experience of outdoor dining on Lygon Street.

The Lygon Street area is quite European in nature and Lygon Street is home to the annual Lygon Street Fiesta. Owners of Ferrari’s enjoy dinner at Lygon Street on the night of the Melbourne Forumula One Grand Prix.

Any visit to Melbourne should be complimented with a visit to Lygon Street and dinner at one of the marvelous restaurants in the area.