Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala 2013

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The air fills with the sound of thousands of knitting needles and arthritic bones clacking as scarves are woven in various footy club stripes. Down the street you can hear the gentle scraping of the urban tumbleweed, or ‘discarded umbrella’ dancing in the breeze. And through it all, there’s constant laughter coming out of every bar, club and theatre across the city.

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is upon us, and the first sign of it kicking off is The Gala.

It’s a showcase of some of the festival’s hottest talent, donating their acts for free in the name of charity. Profits go to Oxfam, disadvantaged communities get much needed help, comedians get high profile promotion, and we get to laugh. It’s one big, feel-good night.

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Melbourne International Arts Festival

The Melbourne International Arts festival is Australias leading arts festival and one of the largest arts festivals in the world.

Every year a variety of Artists deliver Melbourne a selection of events from dance, theatre, music, the visual arts, outdoor events and multimedia. The Festival attracts a number of well known Australian artists and also offers an opportunity for upcoming artists to share their art.

Spring is a fabulous time to be in Melbourne and the Melbourne International Arts Festival adds to the vibrant and cultured atmosphere that makes Melbourne unique in the World.

The 2010 Melbourne International Arts Festival will be held between October 8th and October 23rd 2010.

There are a number of ticketed and free events that you can attend, so head over to the Melbourne International Arts Festival web site for details.